Static Security

Static Security

Static guards have gone a long way from being assigned to their respective posts and remaining stationary. Fast forward to today, they are far from still-standing fixtures right by the gate or door. Instead, they are expected to do several rounds of patrolling within the premises and interact with employees and visitors.

A game-changer in the local security industry, Alert Protective Services offers streamlined static security solutions for a variety of businesses across different industries. For more than a decade now, we have solved and remedied numerous security concerns for hundreds of clients throughout Sydney.

Our fully licenced and experienced personnel protects your offices, warehouses, and business locations. The same goes for the contents of your corporate space—equipment, devices and all other assets that can be found inside the property. Whether you need one security officer or an entire crew of static guards, feel free to give us a call.

When it comes to high visibility static security service, Alert Protective Services is ahead of the game. Our security managers will survey the site, talk with your site representative and walk you through the strategy and plan. Thorough patrol routes, site checks and perimeter limits are identified and documented before the final agreement is reached with all of our clients.

In efforts to guarantee that our valued clients get the highest level of service, we invest in training for our officers. From basic educational courses to communication and public speaking workshops, we equip them with the tools they need to perform well and deal with people of all levels.

All services are designed in accordance with the client’s business, needs and preferences. As these requirements vary greatly, we train our personnel to handle anything from conflict resolution to access issues and other worst-case scenario incidents. Indeed, the long-term expertise we pass on to our staff enables them to stay on top of any situation.

We perform security guard training from start to finish to boost their skills and knowledge. Rest assured that our reliable guards will strive to keep your property safe from all harm. Backed with years of professional experience on construction sites, warehouses and other top-security venues, they know exactly what a situation calls for. Once our security officers arrive on site, they perform the following tasks:

Upon Arrival

  • Inform site manager about special requirements such as key access, deliveries after business hours or staff arrivals
  • Walk with the site manager around the site to determine boundaries, vehicle positions, etc.

On Duty

  • Perform regular site patrols wherever accessible, inspecting all windows, doors, gates and all other boundaries
  • Report unsecured access points, forcible entry and other kinds of damage

Before Departure

  • Double check all doors, windows and gates
  • Hand over the keys to site manager
  • Complete one last patrol with site manager to make sure all facilities are clean and in order
  • Take final signature from site manager to confirm site turnover

You can expect us to deploy static security personnel for the following locations:

  • Shopping malls and centres
  • Warehouses and storage yards
  • Construction sites
  • Offices and other commercial premises
  • ID checkpoints

Spare yourself from any construction damage or loss of building assets when you leave your building unattended overnight or for a longer period during the holidays. Here at Alert Protective Services, we employ only the best-performing security personnel to safeguard your property. Extensively trained and experienced, they have been background-checked, even covering police records, if any, and hold a valid security licence. Contact our Sydney-based company either via phone or email so we can arrange a meeting to discuss our offerings with you.