Shopping Centre Security

Shopping Centre Security

From sprawling multi-level malls to upscale retail epicentres, Sydney’s shopping scene is among one of the most vibrant and dynamic in Australia. Home to designer boutiques, fast fashion stores and even discount outlets, these shopping meccas encourage the hustle and bustle of an already hip and happening city.

No matter the layout, size, operating hours or location of shopping centres in Sydney, they all share one thing in common—being a hotspot for thieves, delinquents and criminals. While the commercial value they offer is huge due to constant flow of visitors, they also come with serious financial risks.

With so many entry points, anyone can freely go in from point A and make their way out from point Z. With countless of merchandise and constant foot traffic, the potential loss for business owners is great, especially as security problems can rapidly escalate.

Now, there’s something that can be done to avoid being a prime target. First and foremost, monitoring of both interior and exterior areas of your building is a must. This should be performed constantly and consistently. Identifying suspicious behaviour and spotting visitors that could be armed with weapons and other hazardous materials that may compromise the safety of shoppers is also critical. You can employ a security guard to do all these things for you.

For owners of shopping centres, never forget that it is your responsibility to give tenants and shoppers a good level of protection. This really goes beyond investing in surveillance systems and other security devices. Always assign security officers on-site to keep innocent employees and visitors away from theft, scams and in some cases, even assaults and abductions.

Over the years, Alert Protective Services has become synonymous to shopping centre security. Having made a name for ourselves in this particular field, we make sure to measure up to our excellent reputation. We also provide everything from corporate and static guard services to mobile patrols and alarm monitoring. Everything we can do to protect your premises, we accomplish.

So turn to us for skilled and hardworking personnel with years of expertise in the field. Our security guards monitor and operate devices such as cameras, alarms and fire alarms. Aside from that, they are also in close contact with one another through the use of two-way radios. Prior to closing time, they also see to it that all visitors have vacated the premises. During times of evacuations and emergencies, our officers can stay on top of things as they are trained in crowd control and management.

At our firm, we take pride in the shopping centre security measures we enforce and implement for our clients. Having these systems in place allows us to attain the highest security level at your shopping centre at all times.

Being client-focused ourselves, we want your customers to make the most of their time at your shopping centre and more importantly, remain safe throughout their stay. When you keep shoppers satisfied, safe and secure, you also help tenants make their customers happy and keep them coming back for more. This all goes back to you as you get an increased number of visitors during operating hours. It’s a win-win!

Stop your commercial complex house from being a revolving door of illegal activities and untoward incidents. Be smart about your safety and that of your business and customers. Hire our sought-after security officers today! Our staff at Alert Protective Services are friendly and knowledgeable, answering your questions and addressing your concerns in the best way they can. Just give us a call or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you.