Security Guard

Security Guard

From high-risk disturbances such as alcohol-induced fights and dangerous crimes such as armed robbery, there’s a lot that can happen without proper security measures in place. With this in mind, there is no denying that safety is at the top of every business owner’s priority list. In fact, security remains the number one issue for most businesses in Australia.

Employ security guards as your frontline of defence. Leave it to them to make sure that all security risks are handled quickly and efficiently. Being highly aware of the constant security risks mean that they are always prepared and ready for action.

Known for educating and deploying dynamic and well-rounded security guards, Alert Protective Services is a strongly preferred agency in Sydney. We supply various types of personnel to take on everything from static guarding, event security and even concierge and customer service.

To remain on guard and watch out for any signs of trouble—this is the guiding principle of all our security professionals. They carry on patrol duties around your building and all over the rest of your property, including parking spaces and other exterior areas. You can have them stationed in multiple locations within the premises, guarding the company grounds day and night.

Our security officers are taught to be both leaders and team players. Alert Protective Services guards can work just as well on their own or as part of a group in seeing to it that security is enforced at your events and premises. Having years of experience in the business, they know when to step up and when to follow someone else’s orders.

At our established company, our services cover the following areas:

  • corporate offices
  • industrial buildings and warehouses
  • constructions sites
  • schools and colleges
  • shopping centres and retail stores
  • car dealerships
  • entertainment centers
  • lifestyle events and parties

Trust that all security guards employed by Alert Protective Services imbibe the skills and traits needed to get the job done. We take great effort in providing all our employees with complete instruction and constant education in order to meet the continuously changing industry standards. Following industry standards and compliance is necessary to perform all security tasks according to law and regulations.

Under the training given by our in-house team of experts, they learn the following:

  • Preparedness – All security personnel are fully equipped and skilled to handle any security issue that comes their way. This trait especially shines during times of emergency.
  • Open Communication – Our security guards work very closely with their clients and are very honest and open to them, as well as their teammates and the general public. From coordinating last-minute action plans to explaining potential hazards, they deal with every issue in the most professional way possible.
  • Powerful Physical Strength – They also put in a serious amount of time and effort to achieve their physical peak. Whether they’re catching a suspect on the run or containing a violent altercation, they have the strength needed for every situation.

When it comes to security services, Alert Protective Services guarantees clients’ safety, convenience and peace of mind. With the help of our qualified security professionals, we protect businesses, safeguard premises and shield people from harm.

Given our extensive experience in the field, we have what it takes to select, train and manage over a thousand security personnel to ensure that the highest level of excellence is delivered. From security officers to personal bodyguards, we only hire the best and brightest in the field. Whether you need guards to be positioned in certain areas or have them patrol your premises, we’ll assemble a team for you. So get in touch with us today to request for more information on our services.