Dog Handling

Dog Handling

In a world that has become increasingly unsafe for individuals and businesses, the importance of enforcing security measures has become greater than ever. With trespassing, vandalism and break-ins becoming more prevalent, and criminals adopting more sophisticated tactics, you have everything to gain by boosting security systems around your property.

All business owners would have some form of security installed, be it a simple series of door locks or a more complex alarm monitoring system. Some would also employ security officers to cover their buildings’ interior and exterior areas as an additional level of protection.

Now, think about tripling your safety with professionally trained guard dogs. Keep reading to know more about what they can offer, and how you can best benefit from them.

Dogs, with their loyal behavior, brute strength, and intimidating appearance, make for the perfect crime prevention partner. Really, they are the most efficient asset protection you can get for your building. Be it a warehouse, commercial space and other types of large properties, a dog will guard your business with all its life.

More than just a visible deterrent, they are also a formidable opponent to intruders. In fact, most wrongdoers would think twice about infiltrating your private space upon seeing your four-legged security officers. When trained as attack dogs, they can even take down full-grown human adults in less than a minute.

In line with Alert Protective Services’ mission to cater to all the security needs of our clients, we strive to offer solutions that effectively target their issues and addresses their concerns. As very few security agencies include dog handling as part of their services, this is where we come in to fill the void.

As a rule, guard dogs and police K9 dogs have been taught to be suspicious of all strangers, while remaining obedient and friendly to familiar faces. The most basic of skills we cover in guard dog training is barking. Letting out deep, aggressive barks to ward off criminals and signal security officers about would-be perpetrators is always effective. Apart from this, we also train dogs to patrol inside areas or buildings that are gated. We do this with and without a professional dog handler present. Best for facilities without security personnel in the evening, these dogs can be turned loose to freely roam inside the premises, indiscriminately attacking anyone found breaking in.

A respected name in dog and puppy training, Alert Protective Services provides guard and patrol dogs to various clients all over Sydney. Taking note of certain specifications, we carefully select canines during their puppy or young adult years. We look into endurance, temperament, and intelligence, among many other prized traits.

All of our dogs have received full instruction from members of some of Australia’s most reputable dog training associations. Our handling team boasts of a solid experience in training the world’s most recognized guard dog breeds, including German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers and Bullmastiffs, to name a few.

Utilising the latest technology and best security practices to provide effective solutions for our clients is what we do. With this in mind, we adhere to the strictest standards of ongoing training for our guard dog teams. If you have a warehouse, construction site or any other private property that needs to be secured, come to Alert Protective Services for champion K9s. Contact us today via phone or email so we can meet with you and discuss your requirements. Should you have more questions about our training courses, just give us a call.