Crowd Control

Crowd Control

Organising an event comes with a significant level of responsibility and a great amount of risk. The volume of that risk is determined by plenty of factors—size of the crowd, availability of alcohol and drugs, access points, and other variables that might be tough to predict. Thankfully, there is a surefire way to minimise risks while reinforcing the safety of your guests and staff. Simply hire a professional crowd control service provider.

Now when someone says crowd control, most people would think that it involves escorting disruptive guests and removing them from the premises. However, it actually goes beyond that. Technically, crowd control means watching and controlling a crowd with a goal of preventing or stopping potential disorders or incidents.

These days, event managers and organisers are highly advised to have highly skilled crowd controllers on their side. At Alert Protective Services, we take crowd control to the next level. Before we deploy our staff, we train them extensively and keep a close eye on their progress and ongoing development.

With an outstanding record and impeccable reputation, Alert Protective Services’ officers are specialised in crowd control techniques and security risk management. All those who pass the rigorous tests and strict requirements are guaranteed to perform well and exhibit the following:

  • An inviting and warm approach to your guests
  • Remarkable communication skills that makes it easy for them to provide valuable information and deliver instruction, be it notifying them about changes in the event or directing them to public facilities such as toilets, parking, etc.
  • Capability to ensure compliance with rules, regulations, policies and procedures
  • Skills required to guarantee the safety of all guests and staff members

Look no further than our world-class company for certified crowd control security specialists. All members of our team are licenced, competent professionals. Backed by hands-on experience in event security, they are all able to quickly identify and eliminate potential risks. Tasked to uphold order at public places, they carefully screen the entry and exit of participants. They also intensively monitor the behavior of guests while inside the premises, removing rulebreakers without a second thought.

Having a valid licence allows our security officers to work in exclusive properties like clubs and hotels as well as public sporting events, restaurants and shopping centres. Typically, our crowd controllers will be dressed in respectable and clean uniforms. If a client demands it, we can deploy our staff as undercover so they can seamlessly blend in with the rest of the crowd.

Depending on your requirements and the type of the event, we will assign you with a specialised crew of crowd controllers who are fully equipped with the tools needed to get the job done. These tools include mobile phones, two-way radios, video recorders, metal detectors, among others.

Retractable belt stanchions are one of the most effective form of crowd control we use, particularly for events that involve lines and queues. Additionally, we utilise metal crowd barriers and barricades. This is especially crucial in high-profile events where hundreds and thousands of participants are to be expected.

Events We Manage:

  • Concerts and music festivals
  • Nightclubs and pubs
  • Store openings and trade shows
  • Sporting events and parades
  • Conferences and corporate presentations
  • Cultural and religious events

By neglecting the need to prepare for security in a public arena, you are welcoming possibilities for a major disaster. There is nothing worth risking the safety of your guests and your employees for. Whatever the size, nature and venue of your event, Alert Protective Services has the expertise, experience and people needed to guarantee 100% security. As we are client-focused, we also make sure that all your guests will have a great time at your event. Plan ahead and call our team as soon as possible.