Concierge and Customer Service

Concierge and Customer Service

Frontline employees play a crucial role in making or breaking your business’ reputation. It’s not just about what you bring to the market. Even if your company offers premium products and superior services, your brand suffers with poor customer service. As the old age adage goes, the customer is always right.

People visiting your location should always be met with a friendly face, someone who is accommodating and also actually well-informed about your business. To help businesses around Sydney improve overall customer satisfaction, Alert Protective Services offers concierge and customer services.

Now, company owners can have comfort in knowing that they have staff who are capable enough to get the situation under control, should unforeseen circumstances and upsetting emergencies arise.

A customer service team that assists and protects—Alert Protective Services in Sydney offers just that. With this particular type of security staff, we do away with obtrusive appearances  and unapproachable demeanor. We are well aware that certain clients and particular situations require solutions that are a lot more subtle.

Rest assured that we have friendly, well-spoken and resourceful concierge and customer service teams you can absolutely rely on. Apart from being extensively trained to perform multiple security functions, they are also taught to provide a positive first impression of your business. After all, first impressions last.

Reach out to our team if you are interested in this targeted security solution for your business. Being client-oriented, we tailor all our services to cater to your every need, for whenever you need them.

All members of our highly capable personnel are as diplomatic as they are charismatic. Backed by professional training, industry-recognized qualifications and comprehensive resources, they not only protect your organisation, but your visitors as well.  So treat your guests to a hassle-free, smooth sailing experience with hands-on assistance from their own personal concierge.

Targeted at busy business travelers, our corporate concierge service is your gateway to customer satisfaction. It is ideal for guests with hectic schedules, squeezing in meetings, presentations, industry events and other work-related engagements. This is also especially helpful for those who are completely unfamiliar with the location they were assigned to. To make their stay a lot less overwhelming and stressful, hiring our personnel is your best bet.

For high-profile guests, we offer a VIP concierge service. Designed for the elite crowd, this service focuses on keeping up with clients’ extravagant lifestyle and catering to their special requests. Be that notoriously elusive dinner reservation at a fancy restaurant or a last-minute limousine ride around the city, our staff makes it happen.

Our staff is always on hand to provide clients with all the services or products they might need with the help of a powerful network of suppliers. Acting with professionalism and discretion, they do their job to satisfy clients’ needs the best they can. They also readily provide superb recommendations and offer alternative solutions.

Concierge staff & security officers

  • Night managers
  • Duty managers

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Greet tenants and guests
  • Ensure the safety and security of the building
  • Control the building access
  • Supervise special deliveries
  • Manage the arrival and departure of guests
  • Monitoring of surveillance systems
  • Respond to noise complaints, altercations, fire and other
  • emergencies
  • Patrol common areas, including parking and amenities
  • Submit daily shift and incident reports

Whether you need to hire a personal concierge or employ a team of customer service professionals, look no further than our agency. We will set you up with a concierge staff who is fully licenced and experienced. With our aim being to create long-term relationships with clients, we value your input and take the time to listen to your needs. Together with you, we develop and execute a strategy that will serve you well into the future. Contact Alert Protective Services now for additional information!